Gum Litter!




it's been nearly two decades of relentless campaigning against chewing gum litter, the second highest litter after cigarette butts. Yet the hardest and most expensive to remove, due to its dried polymer state.


Should I mention now, the hundreds of millions of taxpayers money that has been spent over this time to try and maintain clean streets and public places. It's an atrocity and with government cuts leading to smaller disposable funds resulting in local councils no longer having a budget to remove this growing eye sore.


Gumipod innovative packaging design allows the consumer to be ethical and use the provided bin capsule at the bottom of the packaging to dispose of their finished chewing or bubble gum. The concept is too easy to be true, so now it's up to you, can you change?


once the bin is full you can dispose of the packaging which is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. 


  • Gumipod 2020

  • Bigger and Better 

  • Gum Grip Technology

  • Easy to fill 

  • Hygienic Bin Capsule 

  • Compact 

  • Recyclable

  • Smart Packaging





Our team continues to research ways of innovating the product to provide the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials during a entire market change towards products adopting





Pending any final tweaks we anticipate to be completing our first orders by Autumn 2020 

Gumipod Packaging 

UK Patent 123 456 7890

UK Patent Application No. GB1707419.6 Improved Gumipod

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